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Best Pellet Pistol For Hunting

While many hunts for sports, for some hunting, becomes a necessity. This especially goes out to those who have a garden or farm and the animals are creating havoc. Under such circumstances, one may need the best pellet pistol for hunting.

However, while choosing the right pellet gun, it’s essential to remember the purpose it is to be used for. This will determine the calibre requirement. Remember, that buying guns is not a regular thing. It is often a one-time investment and thus it’s important to select a model that will provide you with some value.

Reviews of the Best Pellet Pistol For Hunting

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

The Top 10 Best Pellet Pistol For Hunting Reviews

The list that we have created here highlights the best pellet guns that you can use for hunting or pest control. All the guns listed below vary in power and price range.

1. Crosman American Classic Multi-Pump Pneumatic Pellet Air Pistol

This particular gun offers a synthetic grip on the steel barrel and thus ensures comfort and better control of the weapon. The weapon has a velocity of 460 fps and comes with a pneumatic design and variable pump power.

Even though the product is quite powerful it is quite safe to use owing to its Crossbolt safety feature. This gun is ideal for those starting to get in the hang of shooting or learning target practice.

Key Features:

  • Synthetic grip on the rifle barrel
  • Variable pump power
  • Has control velocity up to 460 fps
  • Offers Crossbolt safety feature
  • Fixed blade on the front sight and adjustable rear sight
  • Training gun


  • Barrel length comes with precision and accuracy
  • Does not require C02 tube for installing
  • Wellmade and balanced weapon


  • Sights not of good quality
  • The pump handle is loose


2. Daisy Unisex Powerline 415 Pistol

This particular weapon is a semi-automatic, CO2 empowered BB repeater. It’s quite easy to use too. All the user needs to do is load the BBs in the built-in chamber of the gun, insert the C02 cartridge and that’s it! You are ready to shoot. This gun is ideal for learning the various methods of gripping and shooting a firearm.

The best part is that the pistol does not have any recoil and report. The rear sight is open and made out of fibre optics. The firearm provides the maximum velocity of 495 feet per second. However, this pistol must only be used by adults and those who are 16-year of age or older under adult supervision.

Key Features:

  • 0.177 calibre BB bullets required.
  • Smooth steel barrel
  • BB magazine can give out 2 shots
  • CO2 powered semi-automatic gun
  • Blade and ramp included in the front sight
  • Fixed and open fibre optics rear sight


  • Can shoot accurately from 15- 20 feet away
  • Ideal for rodent hunting
  • Fibre optics, metal trigger and safety precaution of the firearm is amazing


  • Can miss fire
  • CO2 coming out of the top of the barrel
  • Does not provide rapid-fire


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3. Umarex Glock 17 Blowback .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol

The Umarex 2252109 Brodax Air Pistol repeater is both stylish and attractive. The look of the weapon has been highly focused upon and may appear to be a firearm seen in sci-fi movies or state of the art video games. This firearm can shoot dot sight owing to its Picatinny rail placed at the top-rear portion. Below that, a Picatinny mount has been placed that works as a flashlight.

The weapon is lightweight made out of polymer exterior frame with interior metal parts. The material used to make up the gun combined with its external sleek line gives the Brodax air pistol great balance.

Key Features:

  • Offers 10 shots of .177 calibre
  • Comes with a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. However, the COz is not included
  • Shifting velocity up to 375 fps
  • The integrated Picatinny mounts make it easy to include optics, laser and lights on the gun
  • Great balance due to the polymer exterior and metal interior


  • Got just the right amount of weight required
  • Well constructed body
  • Makes accurate shots
  • Light and smooth trigger pull


  • BB lock not very effective
  • Barrel jams easily
  • Lightweight, toy-like feel


4. Umarex Legends P.08 All Metal .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol

This particular air pistol provides all the things that are expected of a state of the art air pistol. The gun offers a maximum power of 700 fps. Additionally, the gun has integrated accessory rail for the ease of mounting.

The automatic safety mode placed on the gun can be accessed by both left and right-handers. The gun is attractive and has a German design along with an  RWS Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Key Features:

  • .177 calibre air pistol with spring power and break barrel
  • Offers  ambidextrous grip
  • Can shoot at 700 fps
  • Fibre optics front and rear sights. Rear sights are adjustable
  • Offers automatic safety, and integrated optics for mounting


  • Accurate shots
  • Ideal for plinking
  • Has a quality built and sturdy design


  • Trigger pull is not very smooth
  • Break barrel difficult to use
  • The gun is very easy to cock


5. Sig Sauer P226 .177 Airgun Pellet Pistol

The Sig Sauer P226 .177 Airgun Pellet Pistol offers an enhanced amount of durability owing to its metal slide and the polymer frame that offers great balance, durability and lightweight. This pistol is designed to work for long dependable hours.

The weight balance and the feel of this gun have been kept very similar to those of the original SIG Sauer P226. Such similarity makes this air rifle a great option to learn the art of shooting.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Picatinny rail
  • Has 16 round rotary magazine
  • Feels realistic and light
  • CO2 replica of the pistol is well appreciated


  • Looks realistic
  • The gun is easy to load and unload
  • Quickly connects to the CO2 cartridge


  • Sights are not adjustable
  • Shoots 4in. Low.
  • Gets low CO2 supply
  •  Jams easily


6. Umarex Colt Peacemaker Revolver Single Action

This gun offers a realistic feel and shooting experience. Each cartridge holds one .177 pellet that gives the air pistol a well known and realistic feeling.

Key Features:

  • All metal frame gun that offers a realistic feel
  • Simple and easy to load and unload
  • Comes with 6 pellet casing
  • Powered to 12 gms C2 cartridge


  • Accurate sights
  • Weighs the same as a real gun
  • CO2 lasts long


  • Loose barrel
  • Sights fixed
  • Poor quality safety feature


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7. Sig Sauer P320 CO2 Air Pistol, Metal Slide

This particular repeater is ideal for self-defence. The centerfire pistol is copied in ASP form for a full blowback. The Sig Sauer pistols are used by many including the global military, commercial officers and law enforcement agencies. These guns are one of the toughest, precise and offer an overall integrated system.

Key Features:

  • Offers full blowback metal sides
  • Steel barrel
  • Picatinny rail mount
  • Velocity up to 430 fps
  • Trigger weight of  6.75 lb


  •  Accuracy extends amazingly up to 30ft
  • Smooth trigger pull
  • Ideal weight and feel


  • Poorly designed rotary clip
  • Pellets tend to jam
  • Requires a lot of Co2


8. Walther CP99 .177 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Pistol, Walther CP99 Air Pistol

The Walter PPQ is a very realistic copy of a real firearm, however, it is not only about the aesthetics. This firearm is ideal for plinking and backyard shooting. It’s a semi-automatic gun that can fire BBs or pellets at 360 fps. It’s easy to line up the shots with a fixed blade on the front sight and an adjustable rear sight. Additionally, users can also add a laser on the integrated accessory trail. This firearm can never run low on CO2 as the grip holds two secret CO2 capsules.

Key Feature:

  • Ideal for shooting .177 calibre bullets or .177 calibre steel BBs
  • 12 gram C02 cartridge
  • 360 fps
  • It comes with an integrated Picatinny mount
  • Manual side lever safety included
  • Synthetic frame


  • Heavy-duty gun
  • Fun shooting durable weapon
  • Offers accurate shooting


  • Too loud for indoor use
  • The trigger is heavy and not smooth
  • C02 cartridge leaks


9. Browning 800 EXP .177 Caliber break barrel airgun

This firearm works on a single stroke mechanism, along with a break barrel action. This air pistol can shoot up to 360 fps and offers automatic safety. Another benefit of using this gun is the ergonomic ambidextrous grip that is offered. The grip makes way for smooth soothing with its lightweight.

Key Features:

  • Single-shot break barrel with .177 calibre
  • Shoots  .177 calibre pellets at a speed of 360 fps
  • Powered with spring
  • Lightweight and can be used for hours
  • Ambidextrous grip
  • Integrated rail for the ease of mounting
  • Adjustable rear sight for elevation and windage


  • Ideal design for indoor target shooting
  • Pellets used are readily available
  • Ideal for plinking, target shooting and varmint control


  • Windage adjustment does not work effectively
  • Loading is difficult
  • Lacks fibre optics enhancement


10. Black Ops Exterminator 2.5 Inch Revolver – Chrome Finish – Full Metal CO2 BB/Pellet Gun

This repeater is sure to have a longer lifespan owing to its consistency and full-body metal construction. Additionally, it offers a CO2 powered cylinder and 6 shot cylinder. The user can add choices of optics and accessories for smooth operation.

The adjustable fibre optics along with a 4-inch barrel makes way for smooth shooting. The firearm can shoot both BBs and pellets with its realistic cartridge. If you are looking for a firearm that offers both accuracy and power, this is the one to go for.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced consistency
  • Ready for customization and longer lifespan
  • Highly precise
  • Shoots both pellets and BBs
  • Powerful and accurate


  • Realistic built and weight
  • An accurate gun that does not use too much C02
  • Powerful weapon


  • At times the trigger does not return to the position
  • The cartilage is not effective
  • The grip is not strong


Things To Consider Before Buying Pellet Pistols:

As mentioned to you earlier, buying a pellet pistol is a one-time investment, so you might as well do the complete research and shortlist options that suit your requirement. However, to do that you need to be aware of the different features of the gun.

To that end, we are happy to help you. We have conducted the research on your behalf and have shortlisted the most essential features that must be taken into consideration. So without much ado, let’s go on with it.


A lot of pellet rifles are sold in the market and each has a separate category of the powerplant. Each of these has its own set of pros and cons. However, which will suit your likes, will depend on a thorough reading:

Spring Piston: The spring used in these types of guns are super strong and can propel a pellet to quite some distance. The user will have to retract the spring using some form of manual leverage. Spring guns are the most common and accurate. The technology used is simple and can be banked upon. However, these are limited in calibre and thus can pose restrictions.

Pneumatic (Pump):

Pneumatic pistols have compress air in them that helps them to propel a round from the rifle. These are further divided into two categories:

Single-stroke: These varieties require the user to pump the rifle in every shot. These can work as ideal target guns since they deliver consistent shots. However, it is difficult to hunt with these since they create noise, and the movement of time to fill in the reservoir is quite heightened.

Multi-pump: These pistols are very convenient to use. Its reservoir uses a built-in air pump. If the user feels the need to fill it with compressed air, he/she will have to put effort on the pump handles for quite some time.

Power Categories:

Power categories refer to the speed that the gun can move in through a particular projectile. This is usually measured in feet per second. It is the power rating of the pistol which determines what the gun can do, or how effective it is. This is an important consideration and thus must be borne in mind. The power requirement of a pistol required for hunting will always be different from the one required for target shooting.

There are three power categories:


  • High or magnum powered pellet pistols are mostly over 900 FPS. These are often quite expensive.
  • These guns can be used to hunt small animals like squirrels to large animals like coyotes
  • Not an ideal weapon for plinking or target practice since the ammunition is quite expensive
  • It offers varied range in size and calibre and is a popular hunting option


  • Most pellet pistols fall under this category. The basic spring powered rifle is most likely to fall in the medium range. Medium rifle ranges from 700 to 850 FPS. However, some even consider 900 FPS to be medium.
  • It offers minimum noise and recoil and thus it’s pleasant to shoot with it over and over again.
  •  It is an effective option while dealing with rabbits or squirrels. All in all a versatile pellet pistol.


  • These range between 600 to 700 FPS and offers muzzle energy which is around ten-foot pounds. These are mostly light and smaller. Designed to reduce recoil and noise.
  • Making it an ideal option for target practice.


Pellet rifles have a wide variety of calibre than most people know. The calibre one chooses determines what the gun can be used for.

Small Games:

  • .177-this is the most standard calibre used in international shooting
  • .25- An ideal choice for hunting and pest control. Ideal for bigger animals like possums and raccoons.
  • .22  – Ideal for hunting
  • .20 –these are used in multi-pump pneumatic pellet pistols

Lager Rounds:

The following calibres are ideal for hunting in medium and large games. However, these rounds can be quite expensive:

  • .357
  • .45
  • .50
  • .58


These make use of the hinging barrel placed downwards to cock the spring. On opening the barrel, the pellet is directly placed into the barrel. These are the lightest rifles and are the simplest to use.

Upgrading these rifles are simple as well. However, constantly opening the barrel can lead to accuracy issues. Fortunately, with the iron sights, the sim will be locked.


Consideration of the trigger revolves around the consideration about adjustments and replacement. There are some triggers that are factory-made for adjustments and customization. So while buying the pellet gun, this is a considerable point to look into.


In an underlever gun, the lever is placed directly under the barrel. All the user has to do is grab the lever and pull it rearward. This goes onto cock the spring and opens the breech for loading. However, the weapon lacks a torque used while firing since the lever is placed directly below the barrel. These are ambidextrous designs that are easy to use.

Side Lever:

The lever of these sorts of guns is placed on the sides of the air rifle. The user has to get a grip on the lever, pull it to the side and then rearward. This cocks the pistol and allows the user to load the weapon.

Side lever guns are hardier and less sensitive to rough use. However, these guns are not ambidextrous, so it can be challenging for left-handers to use them.


Semi-auto rifles require no amount of manual cocking after the first round has been shot. It frees from the magazine and fires around one round per pull of the trigger. These guns are either in CO2 or PCP mechanism.

Gun Maiantenence Tips:

If you own a pellet gun, then you know how important it is to maintain these properly. Without effective cleaning and storage, the guns might render ineffective and a chunk of money that you invested to buy it will be lost.

To that end, here are a few tips for you to consider.

Cleaning Tips:

Pellet pistols do not have charred gun powder residue in the barrel thus it does not require regular cleaning.

  • If you have to clear the barrel, then it’s a good idea to use quality cleaning rope
  • The external parts need to be cleaned frequently to avoid corrosion
  • Cleaning pellets in an airgun must be strictly avoided since it can create permanent damage

Maintainance Tips:

  • The barrel needs to be checked before loading to ensure that it is free from obstruction
  • After every 1000 shots, a drop of gun lubricant can be applied inside the compression chamber. However, only airgun oil must be used.
  • If the air gun becomes less accurate, it’s essential to check the screws holding the mount. Since they get loose over time, the aim and accuracy can suffer.
  • Do not try to modify the gun, take it apart or repair it. This can be dangerous.

Storage Tips:

  • Store and clean the gun so that dirt and lint do not accumulate in the working parts of the gun.
  • While storing, ensure that no pellets are in the chamber
  • Do not store the gun in a cocked position. It can destroy the mainspring and is quite dangerous.

Getting Rid Of Barrel Obstruction:

  • If one fire against an obstruction it can build up pressure and can injure others who are nearby. If you hear a noise while shooting, stop firing right away. Get hold of the manual safety and unload the gun again. Ensure that the chamber or barrel is free from any obstruction.
  • While removing the barrel obstruction ensure that the safety is on and the barrel is in the right direction.

FAQS – Pellet Pistol For Hunting

Which pellet pistol is best for hunting?

The Umarex Colt Peacemaker Revolver Single Action is the best hunting gun. The pistol has an all-metal body that gives a realistic feel. The gun is well balanced and comes with a 12 gms CO2 barrel that can shoot 6 pellets at a time. The key takeaway of the gun is its precision and accuracy.

Can you hunt with an air pistol?

Yes, airguns can be used to kill, however, target and accuracy are the two things that must be looked into for the hunt to be successful. Ideally, airguns are used for small kills like rabbits, squirrels and a few birds. In all of these cases, the area of the body that is being targeted has to be focused. Though how small the target area should be, varies, it should not be more than the size of an American quarter. The most effective air gunshot is targeted towards the brain. The animal dies instantly from this.

Is .22 or .177 better for hunting?

.177 calibre is always better for hunting than .22 calibre since the former produces more energy. .177 calibre produces 17 foot per pound while .22 calibre gives rise to 14-foot pound. .177 generally has more power and velocity required for small kills when compared to .22 calibre

Can a .177 pellet gun kill a human?

Yes, it can, however, it will depend on the placement. Mostly. the softer parts of the head are easy targets that can cause fatal injury resulting in death. However, some opine that .177 calibre may not have the required velocity to penetrate the human skull.

Final Verdict:

In this article, we have reviewed the best pellet pistol for hunting which is very useful for those who are looking to buy a repeater for protection. Though many, mostly city dwellers do not require an air gun for survival, a lot of individuals living in the countryside do. This especially goes out to those who own a farm and want to keep rodents and vermits from destroying their vegetation.

However, to make sure you keep the situation under control, you will require an accurate, precise airgun. In that light, research on the different ones available in the market is essential. We have covered most of that for you. But you need to take it a notch higher and determine the kind of pistol you will want to buy depending on the purpose you have in hand.

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