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Best .177 Pellet For Hunting

If you are into sports, then investing in a good performing air gun should be at the top of the charts for you. A lot of enthusiasts look for the best .177 air rifles to shoot squirrels or just practice targets. However, while buying these, it’s essential to look into the quality of the pellets being used in the .177 caliber since this is going to determine the overall performance of the shooter. Enters .177 pellets, the best in the trade which is going to give an edge to your shooting experience and your love for sports.

It’s crucial to highlight the importance of the pellets you plan on using since they are as important (if not more) as the firearm of your choice. However, it’s essential to note that all pellets do not operate well with each pistol. Thus understanding what kind of pellet will work for which firearm is of great importance.

Reviews of the Best .177 Pellet For Hunting

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The Top 10 Best 0.177 Pellet For Hunting Reviews

Buying just the right pellet is crucial for hunters. Though a buying guide can help you know the features to look into, knowledge about a few best products in the market may be just the thing you need to make your best call. In that light, here are the Best Pellets For Hunting that you must take a look at before making your final call.

1. Crosman Destroyer Hunting Pellets

This is a revolutionary hunting pellet that combines the features of a pointed pellet that has a hollow which results in complete expansion and subsequent transfer of energy.

Key Features:

  • 0.177 caliber
  • 7.4 pointed bullets with dished rim


  • Ideal pellet for pest hunting
  • Does not jam the air rifle
  • Very accurate pellet


  • Difficult to get the can open
  • Nicely designed but tends to miss targets
  • Does not kill


2. GAMO Red Fire .177 Caliber Pellets

Thes pellets offer accuracy and high-velocity performance owing to its hydraulic expansion right at the point of impact. The diamond-shaped polymer tip offers just the right amount of ballistic trajectory. The force of impact makes the diamond polymer tip get into the cylindrical jacket material which forces it into an outward-increasing diameter resulting in a mushrooming effect at the target.

Key Features:

  • 150 pellets
  • Styled polar tip
  • Made out of Lead
  • Diamond-shaped tip results in a true ballistic trajectory
  • Polymer tip leads to a mushrooming impact
  • Offers velocity up to 843 per second
  • Pellets weigh around 7.8 grams each


  • Very accurate
  • Ideal penetration for hunting and shooting targets
  • Consistency of pellets


  • Metal does not expand as advertised
  • Tips bent
  • Does not penetrate targets well
  • Does not mushroom


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3. Haendler & Natermann H&N Hornet Pointed Airgun Pellets .177 Caliber

If you are planning on hunting raccoons and foxes these pellets are ideal for you. Additionally, these pellets are ideal for medium-sized games.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for hunting offers maximum penetration
  • Contains 225 air gun pellets
  • Each pellet weighs 9.6 grains
  • Screw-on lid to avoid accidental pellet spills
  • Ideal to be used in air pistols
  • Offers minimum muzzle energy of 5.5 ft.lbs


  • Penetrates metals
  • Ideal quality bullets
  • Perfect German designing
  • The brass tip can withstand impact


  • Mediocre grouping
  • Only adequate for plinking
  • Some pellets are loose when placed in the air rifles


4. JSB Air Gun Pellets .177 Caliber

These pellets come with a hollow design along with a high ballistic coefficient. This means these pellets offer less drag and more energy delivered at the target.

Key Features:

  • The pellets offer intermediate weight, with a round nose that delivers enhanced flight stabilization and fine accuracy.
  • The pellets are ideal for hunting since they are quite heavy. One-shot is ideal for hunting squirrels, birds, post-control, and such.
  • These pellets are designed for accuracy and enhanced knockdown power at long ranges. This makes the pellets ideal, powerful and versatile for hunting
  • Crafted to perfection for best performance


  • Consistent ranged accuracy
  • Quite shots that give a thumb sound
  • No-follow up shots required
  • Significantly light and quite fast


  • Pellets are bent at the rear
  • Not accurate for Hatsan flash
  • Varied head size


5. Crosman 177HB Premier Domed .177 Caliber 10.5-Grain Pallets

If you are a field target shooter, then this is the bullet for you.

Key Features:

  • Each pellet weighs 10.5 grains
  • Offers 1250 count
  • Caliber .177
  • 10.5 grains
  • Ideal for field targets


  • One of the heaviest .177 pellets
  • Offers less resistance
  • Glides faster and with accuracy


  • Poor quality pellets
  • Weight of each pellet varies
  • Inaccurate diameters


6. Crosman LF1754 .177 Caliber Lead Free PowerShot Fast Flight Penetrator Pellets

The outstanding ballistic features of this pellet support long-range shooting for hunters, recreational shooters, and target rangers. The pellets are belted and pointed which helps them to hold on their shape on the impact for better penetration.

Key Features:

  • Made from premium quality material
  • Quality and performance tested
  • Synthetic material


  • Super powerful bullets
  • Very strong penetration
  • Made from good alloy


  • Does not have long range accuracy
  • Does not work in all pellet rifles


7. Benjamin 14020 .177-Caliber Hollow Point Pellets

The Benjamin 750-Count .177-Caliber Hollow Point Pellets is ideal for small hunting games and pest control as it provides a fine downrange power. These bullets are of high quality and have been so designed to enhance the accuracy of the air rifle. This bullet is compatible with 177 caliber air rifles pistols. If you have linking and hunting in mind, these pellets will never let you down.

Key Features:

  • Count- 750ct
  • Material: Lead
  • Hollow type pellets
  • 177 caliber


  • Accurate pellet at a reasonable price
  • No undersized or bent skirts pellets in the tin
  • Can shoot at 10m/33ft.
  • Ideal grouping and consistency


  • Flashing left on many pellets and that affects its trajectory
  • Does not provide precision
  • Some oddly shaped pellets don’t fit in the chamber


8. Beeman .177 Caliber Pointed Pellets

These are one of the best air rifle pellets that are super accurate and crafted to precision. This particular ammo is consistent with a lot of rifles and offers the perfect bullet head and skirt size. These fit in the chamber perfectly and the coating does not directly rub off on the fingers. These pellets function in 10 shot groups and can travel up to 40 yards, making it ideal for plinking.

Key Features:

  • Suitable air gun pellets
  • .177 caliber
  • The pellet type is pointed
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Offers 500 pellets


  • Satisfactory performance
  • Accurate and precise
  • Ideal small game bullets
  • Can be used for pest hunting
  • Fits nicely in the chamber


  • Quite a few have deformed skirts owning to the soft lead material
  • Pellets offer inconsistent length
  • The tin screws fail to secure the pellets


9. Daisy Outdoor Products 250 ct. Pointed Field .177 Pellets

If you are looking for pellets that can guarantee you true and straight-shooting, these are the pellets to opt for.  The product offers 500 counts .177 hollow point lead pellets that are neatly packed in a tin. Accessing these pellets is super easy.

Key Features:

  • Hollow point pellets
  • 500 counts
  • Well packaged
  • Designed for precision
  • Accuracy and quality guarantee
  • Ideal for small games and hunting
  • Reliable and high quality


  • Offers nice grouping on targets
  • Ideal for pest shooting and rodent control
  • Pellets expand on impact


  • Pellets are very light
  • Pellets vary in weight
  • Some deformed pellets in the tin


10. RWS R10 Match Plus Premium Line .177 Caliber Pellets

The RWS R10 Match Plus Premium Line .177 Caliber Pellet are known for their skillful material composition, their finish and the ideal weight. All the pellets come in the classic diabolo shape, that is all of these pellets have a nice head design and special pellet head. These pellets are designed for range shooting and provides precision.

Key Features:

  • Classic diabolo design
  • Tight tolerance coupled with strict testing condition leads to  accuracy
  • Optoelectronically inspected for consistency
  • Heavyweight bullets


  • Excellent fit finish and consistency
  • Can shoot up to 50 feets
  • Fantastic alloy composition


  • Does not offer excellent accuracy
  • Loose tin


Things To Consider Before Buying Best .177 Pellets For Hunting:

Certain factors must be taken into account while buying .177 pellets. The following key features will help you find the perfect pellet that will match with your rifle and give you the best possible results.


Pellets of high velocity ensure that you will hit the target as soon as you release the trigger. In that light, light-weight low-velocity pellets are best in terms of velocity performance.

Ballistic Coefficients:

The Ballistic Coefficients of a pellet determines its knockdown power since higher value exerts greater pressure. So if you are looking for the ultimate knockdown, then opting for a pointed bullet with significant Ballistic Coefficients is what you need to deliver high performance.

Bullet shape:

As mentioned earlier, bullets come in different shapes and sizes. Each of the shapes and sizes specializes in a certain field, so before you make your purchase determine the purpose. If you are looking for pellets for hunting purposes, then look for pointed and hollow pellets.


This is one of the most important things to look into before buying a pellet. For hunters, this is the top priority.

Choosing The Right Pellet:


Multiple factors affect the performance of an air rifle. In that light, choosing the ideal pellet can be a daunting task. The individual characteristics of a selected type of pellet go a long way in determining the kind of performance it will have in a given group of air rifles. Additionally, different pellets have different shapes, types, weights, length width alloy composition, and much more. All these factor clubs together to determine the performance of the rifle.

Key Attributes That Make Pellets Worthy

This is dependant on yet another factor, the type of shooting. In other words, what will be shot using these pellets to determine which pellet is ideal? Generally, any shooting task is divided into four main categories:

  • Pest Control
  • Target Shooting
  • Hunting
  • Plinking or General Shooting

Each shooting type has a set of general criteria that goes a long way in determining the type of pellet to be used. However, there is one pellet feature that must be present irrespective of what you are shooting. This is the ability to group with a certain type of rifle consistently and repeatably. This particular feature must be met no matter what. No shooter can perform if the pellet does not group well with the rifle. To make sure that the pellet is suitable for the specific rifle it is important to purchase sample pellets. These feature a smaller number of pellets in a particular caliber. It takes only a few shots to determine whether a particular pellet match or enhance the performance of a given gun. If the gun fails to shoot 5 to 10 shots, then its highly unlikely that it will do any better with 100 pellets.

Additional Requirements

Pellet Alloy: Pellet hardness, softness, pest control shooters all must be looked into to achieve the results more evenly.

Pellet Energy: Retaining kinetic energy at the target is crucial for hunters to achieve a knock-down power.

However, it must be borne in mind that features required for one particular shooting, does not apply to all shooting types. For instance, the knockdown power is important to a hunter or a pest control shooter. This is of little significance while shooting paper targets.

The shape of the pellet

Domed or round-shaped pellets: These are great all-around, general use pellets. The round head of the pellet is great for aerodynamic and is ideal for shooting at long distances approximately over 20 yards. However, round-head pellets have the highest ballistic coefficients. This makes these the ideal choice for pest control and hunting. Mostly, pellets with high ballistic coefficients have more knock-down power near the target.

Pointed Pellets: These types of pellets work well in light or medium air guns. These have just the right amount of penetration capabilities for pest control and hunting. However, these do not work efficiently with magnum or super magnum air rifles like round/domed shaped pellets do. Thus pointed pellets are only ideal for medium or light-powered rifles.

Wadcutter Pellets: These are great as target pellets. The flat heads of these pellets make nice and consist of holes in paper targets that are crucial for smooth scoring. Though these can also be used for pest control, it must be remembered that they are not designed to travel a long distance. Thus any form of breeze touching upon the pellet heads can open up the groups easily while traveling a long distance. Generally, these perform their best over short distances, ideally between 20 yards or less.

HollowPoint Pellets: These are great hunting pellets that expand on the point of impact. These pellets too are deal for pest control and hunting shooters. However, these suggested  pellets suffer from the same weakness as the Wadcutters pellets since the big, hollow opening on the pellet catches the wind and thus can open groups over long distances.

Pellet Weight

The pellet weight is crucial since it affects the trajectory, velocity, aerodynamic stability, and impacts power. Naturally, heavier bullets can retain their stability in breezy conditions and can also maintain their energy while traveling long distances. Thus these bullets hit the target much harder than expected. However, it does not mean that one should just buy the heavier bullets in a caliber. It crucial to match the weight of the pellet to the design of the gun and the level of its powers.

Spring-powered guns work more efficiently with medium weight. High sping guns or gas pistols are not usually affected by the use of heavier pellets. Pre Charged Pneumatics (PCP’s), however, work better than heavier pellets. Generally, small or medium-powered springs function better with light or medium range pellets of any caliber. Gas rams, high powered springs, and PCP rifles can perform with heavier pellets without any damage.

Precaution Points For Shooting:

  • Even if you are dealing with a firearm, handle it like its loaded, a common trick of handling any firearm
  • Make sure your grip safety is activated until you are ready to shoot. Never should one shoot with the grip safety activated. For the mechanical device to function properly the grip safety must fail.
  • Put on special goggles when you are ready for shooting
  • It’s mandatory to aim the gun in the right direction. Choose a target that can not be shot through and ensure that the bullets do not bounce off from the hard surface of the target. It’s strictly advised not to shoot in the water even if it’s in your backyard
  • Never recycle or reuse pellets
  • The trigger must be locked while storing the gun
  • The gun should be stored without pellets and in a place that does not have CO2 cylinders.
  • Do not try to repair your gun yourself. This happens in specialized workshops
  • An operative air gun with instructions must only be used by individuals over the age of 18 years who have prior shooting experience
  • It’s a bad idea to modify the gun yourself. Modification of the gun may not agree to the design of the weapon and can cause serious injury or even death. Additionally, modifications terminate the guarantee of the weapon.
  • If the weapon falls, it’s a good idea to scrutinize it before using it again. For instance, the stroke of the trigger might change and it could damage or deconstruct the part of the gun.

Pellet Loading and Removal Measures:

Ideally, while using any air gun, it is advisable to use  .177 (4.5) caliber bullets that offer a maximum length of 6.5 mm while firing. Never use BB, darts, and other pointy objects to be shot out of a rifled barrel. If non-standard bullets are used it may cause severe damage to the gun.

Points to follow while loading bullets:

  • Point the gun in a safe distance
  • Keep a close look on the grip safety
  • Each air gun has its own instructions to load, following it is mandatory
  • Prior to the shooting, ensure that the slide has been pushed forth and locked
  • Discharge by shooting is the easiest way to remove a pellet.

However, if one has to discharge a pellet without shooting the gun, the following steps must be followed:

  • Get the safety grip activated
  • Remove the CO2 cylinder
  • Insert the slide back and open the barrel
  • Put in an ideal sized brush into the barrel. This is a crucial step since the barrel might get damaged if incorrect brush size is used in this step
  • Push the pellet in the pellet ejection part.

FAQ: 0.177 Pellet For Hunting

What is the best .177 pellet for hunting?

The Crosman LF1754 PowerShot Fast Flight Penetrator Pellets are ideal for long and mid-range shooters. Made from premium quality material these bullets have a great penetration power and can travel long distances.

Can .177 pellets kill?

Though incidents of death have not been recorded yet, .177 pellets can surely cause fatal wounds to humans. Since millions of people use these pellets across the country, it’s advisable to be safe while using them.

Are heavier .177 pellets more accurate?

When it comes to hunting, a heavier pellet is more desirable. In .177, this means 10-grain pellets or even higher. If heavier pellets are being used, hunters have the option of using high-velocity guns while keeping the pellet speed below that of the sound providing maximum accuracy. As a result the highest level of energy is delivered in the target.

How far will a .177 pellet go?

This greatly depends on the type of air rifle being used, the angle of the shot, the direction of the wind, and the velocity at which the shot was made. Additionally, the weight and shape of the pellets determine the distance they are likely to travel. Keeping all these factors in mind, generally, .177 pellets travel up to a distance of 400 yards or 366 meters, for most models. However, it can go higher for other high-end guns.


Be it for sports or killing rodents in the backyard, having some pellets, and an air rifle handy always advisable. However, to make the best of the situation it’s important to select pellets that can serve your purpose. To that end, the products listed above and the buyer’s guide will come in handy. Make sure to do your research as this is not a common household item that one buys daily.

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