What Is A Tent Vestibule?

tent vestibule

A Tent vestibule is a sheltered area that is just before the actual entrance of the tent or along the tents sides that can serve as a mudroom, give you extra storage space to place all of your gear or a place to change from muddy clothes, before you enter your clean tent. You can think of a vestibule as a tent’s foyer or porch.

What Are Different Type Of Vestibules?

There are a number of different vestibules that can be used, and they generally all serve the same purpose. The specific vestibule that you choose depends on exactly where on a tent you want your vestibule and how you would like for your vestibule to be used.


Front vestibules are usually common among solo tents or tents that only have one door. They can serve as an area to not only store your gear but to cook as well.


Even though vestibules can be for multiple uses, side vestibules are most commonly used for just storing gear because they are usually built into the outer skin of the tent.


With tarp vestibules, the tarp is the main structure with an option to add a tent underneath if it's needed.


Tunnel Vestibules are more commonly used to connect two tents together.


Add-On vestibules are usually attached by being zipped to the doors opening or they may require extra stakes or poles to set up.

What Are The Advantages Of Vestibules?

Vestibules can have a ton of advantages as opposed to not having one. They can be used as storage rooms for all of your gear, which is great for not having to bring your muddy clothes into the tent where you have to sleep. They can even be used as an extra space if you happen to be camping with your dog because who wants a wet muddy dog in their tent?

Is It Necessary For Me To Have A Tent Vestibule?

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Whether or not it is necessary for you to have a vestibule depends on your own unique camping situation. If you are able to adapt in bad weather conditions you may not need one.If you are going to be camping for a long period of time, a vestibule may be best as it gives you ample space to place gear you may not want in your tent.

It can also better protect you from high winds, heavy rain and sand storms.If you are car camping or camping with family, vestibules are great for keeping your grill and lawn chairs out of the rain. It is not usually recommended to cook inside of your vestibule, especially if it is small and closed in because of the buildup of carbon monoxide, which is produced by the burning of stove fuel and can be deadly. Another potential risk is the smell of your food attracting unwanted wildlife such as bears, wolves, foxes and other animals.

You will also need to be careful of having high heat next to your tent fabric as it can catch on fire pretty easily.If you are planning on cooking inside of your vestibule, it is important that you make sure the area is well ventilated. Ideally you would want to have two openings that are in opposite places from one another or the door to the vestibule open to ensure that the air is circulating as much as possible to decrease the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

What Is A Good Alternative To A Vestibule?

A Silnylon tarp is a great alternative to using a tent vestibule, mainly because it has mostly all of the benefits that a vestibule has with more ventilation because it is open while also being lighter and more flexible. One of the best benefits about using a tarp is it can completely stand alone. Which means you do not have to worry about your tent catching on fire, carbon monoxide poisoning or any other risks that come with cooking inside of a tent vestibule.

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