Whether you are fishing for the fun part of it or this is what you do to put food on a table. You have to ensure that you are placing your bait on the best shaky head jig. In a fishing competition, what makes the cut for the winner is the kind of shaky head he/she is using.



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Gamakatsu Weighted Superline Spring Hook

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Megastrike Pro Series E2 Shakey Head Jig

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Owner Ultrahead Shaky Head Jig Hook

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Reaction Tackle Tungsten Shaky Head Jigs

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Yum Pumpkin Ed Jig Hook

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The Top 5 Shaky Head Jigs

1. Gamakatsu Weighted Superline Spring Hook

A must have when it comes to fishing with a shaky head

2. Megastrike Pro Series E2 Shakey Head Jig

Finesse fishing won’t be the same if you start using Megastrike pro Series E2 Shakey Head Jig. It is powder coated meaning that you don’t have to worry about heavy metals and at the same time, it doesn’t corrode easily. The head always lands perfectly and places the bait in an upright position.


  • checkLead-free
  • checkHolds bait in an upright position
  • checkHas two keeper collars


  • Difficult to use

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3. Owner Ultrahead Shaky Head Jig Hook

If you are looking for a durable shaky head that will hold your bait (worms/lizard) perfectly then you should consider purchasing Owner Ultrahead Shaky Head Jig. It has a contoured head jig and is relatively heavy meaning that you can fish in places with relatively stronger currents.


  • checkVery durable
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkHolds the bait perfectly


  • Needs to be painted to add some color
  • closeContains heavy medals such as lead

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4. Reaction Tackle Tungsten Shaky Head Jigs

Reaction Tackle Tungsten has been setting the standards when it comes to bass fishing for years now. This shaky head is made of 97% pure tungsten and is lead-free meaning that you don’t have to worry about toxic metals accumulating in the body. They are durable and will detect even the slightest movement on the slake line. More often than not things that are not rather too expensive end up being low quality. The same cannot be said about Reaction Tackle Tungsten Shaky Head Jig. It is among the cheapest shaky heads available in the market but will offer you with high quality services. It is available in three different colors; brown, black and green pumpkin.


  • checkVery sensative
  • checkDurable
  • checkAffordable lead-free
  • checkEnvironmental friendly


  • Not suitable to use in strong water currents due to its lightweight

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5. Yum Pumpkin Ed Jig Hook

Might not be the best in terms of durability but when it comes to holding bait into an upright position Yum Pumpkin Ed Jig Hook is the best. With proper maintenance, it can still last long. If you want to give it some color feel free to polish just ensure the color is brown, black or pumpkin green.


  • checkThe lure-holder is extended
  • checkHook is strong
  • checkHolds the bait upwards


  • Not as durable as other shaky heads

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Things To Have In Mind Before Purchasing a Shaky Head Jig

There are two shaky head types and each works best on specific fishing grounds. The Ball head shaky head jig and the stand up shaky head jig.

  • Ball head shaky head jig- is suitable when fishing on open banks and gravel bottoms. The head rolls back and forth and hence attracts fish easily. It is advisable that you use bait that is approximately 4-6 inches long.
  • Stand up shaky head jig – is suitable to use on broken rocks bottom. For effective fishing use bait that is approximately 6-8 inches long.

What Bait You Are Using

If you want to lure fish to swallow your bait everything has to look natural. Potential prey should not spot the hook otherwise you will not catch any fish. Before placing the bait there are two things that you should always have in mind. That is; the size of the hook and the type of fish available in the area. On a shaky head jig, you can use finesse worms, stick worms, plastic lizards, jerk baits or soft plastic worms


Shaky head jigs come in different colors and sizes. So, what is the best color? The color that will increase your chances of luring that delicious fish to your bait!? Everything held constant I would recommend either brown or green pumpkin.

3 Different Ways To Fish With A Shaky Head

Though it is hard to fish a shaky head wrong a few tips here and there on the different ways you can do it will surely increase your chances of success. Times are getting hard and most fish are evolving. You have to learn a few tricks so that you can stay at the top of your game. The following are ways in which you can fish using a shaky head:

Hop It

Gone are the days when you would be in a position to lure a fish to take a bite at your bait by just letting it lay motionless. If you want to fish successfully you should put in little aggression. One of the ways in which you can do this is by hopping your bait. Experienced anglers know how hard it is to catch fish during the day of the full moon. This is due to the fact that most fish stay long during the night feeding and are less aggressive to bait during the day. An easy way to capture the attention of these nearly full fish would be making your bait hop! By so doing you will get more bites and hence more fish. Pay close attention to any sudden movement on the slack line as there is no easy way to lose your hard caught fish than twisting the hook upside down when the fish already has the shaky head in its mouth.

Dragging It

Most people get fooled by the name shaky head. Don’t go out fishing and shake your hands out of their sockets just because you are using a shaky head to fish. Dragging the bait along the bottom has always proven to yield better results. All along you might be fishing on the part of the lake/river that has little or no fish. You can solve this by dragging your shaky head. Bait is motion always attracts the attention of potential predator and this means that you will get more bites. And, more bites means more fish for the day. As you drag the bait you will also have a clear picture of the places that has more fish concentrated in one area.

Shake It

You heard this coming, didn’t you? By shaking your bait you are simply provoking a nearby fish to come and take a bite. This method works best when fish are in large numbers. If you end up shaking your shaky head on the part of the river where there are little or no fish chances are you won’t catch any fish.


Searching for the perfect shaky head jig can be a hectic task especially if you know very little about them. This article has walked you through some of the best shaky head jig available in the market and all you have to is choose the one that will suit your needs best.

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